Kim Wawer 

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Selected Exhibitions:

Fire, Earth & Saté
Said the Snail to the Human
Lounge For Now People
Freed From Desire
Virtue and the City
Boterhammen Chow
Positive Bodies
Abject Shell

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Dear D,
It was a pleasure to meet you, my time with you reminded me that we were near these, that made me feel calm, and in the mood of eating mussels. But jet during my stay, I felt as if I was interrupting you, I guess it was because you were carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders at the time. Our meeting was loaded with political conflict but that was not your fault, i admired how you stood tall between all of them, all the chaos that you where not part of. You provided network, connections to other places, your openness made it easy to project or imagine those other places. (not a lot of places are so generous) I hear from someone that birds liked to visit you before, I guess they still do, but they just shapeshifted somewhat. The reason why I’m writing you is because I wanted to apologise for leaving you so early, without really getting to know you. I guess I was afraid to get too close.

All the best and good luck to you,

14:12 -
There are no animals in this ground, that shows the soullessness character of this material. It’s like I'm meeting a very grey person, hoping to find something interesting to talk about. It is obvious that ground is not alive. I do still think it's nice to sit in the pit, with my eye height on the ground level. it's a nice place to Be, even though it is a bit lonely and empty. Camera is dead, have to charge again. Maybe I can still do something about the shape later.


New Town


Positive Bodies
Concrete, jute, natural rubber, soil.

“New Town” Sandberg graduation, Master of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Station Noord (metro station- inside and outside)

The unwritten laws of urban planning predict that a metro station is never misplaced and will always become a centre, regardless of its location. Unlike train stations metro stops have the ability to create social space around infrastructure. In New Town, that notion becomes a metaphor to address urban expansion, dwelling in transition and the artificiality of constructed space. Taking place in a completed yet vacant metro station in Amsterdam’s Noord/Zuidlijn, the space hosts the projects of 13 artists, architects and designers.

New Town explores the potentiality of space. Whether physical or virtual, New Town is a site for prospects with regard to space. Exploring such topics as identity and space, the works in this exhibition depart from cultural, personal and historical accounts, oftentimes bordering between fact, fiction and constructed realities. New Town is the 2017 graduation exhibition of Studio for Immediate Spaces and will be accompanied by performances, gastronomy and events.

With: Nadjim Bigou, Hein van Duppen, Arie de Fijter, Carolin Gießner, Eva Hoonhout, Shih-Hui Hung, Lily Lanfermeijer, Monica Mays, Aaro Murphy, Zsófia Szőke, Kim Wawer, Neeltje ten Westenend, Kristoffer Zeiner.